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the new Yankees center fielder


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NASA treadmill to be named after Colbert

Remember a few weeks back when NASA asked the public for suggestions to name the new room at their international space station and Stephen Colbert urged the members of his Colbert Report audience to nominate his name? It ended up that “Colbert” beat NASA’s pick of “Serenity” by 230,539 votes.

Because the right to name the room is reserved by NASA, they have now decided to name the room “Tranquility”, after Apollo 11’s moon landing site, Sea of Tranquility.

However, they had promised to give voters the utmost consideration and so they have decided name a treadmill that astronauts train on after him. And as NASA is obviously fond of acronyms, COLBERT will stand for Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill.

I love Colbert so it’s not surprising to see he has such a cult-like fan following. This reminds me of the time when he asked his viewers to purchase the soundtrack to his holiday video on iTunes at the same time on the same day in order for it to jump ahead of Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak soundtrack as part of the “Operation Humble Kanye” and it actually worked. LOL

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going goo-goo over Lady GaGa


Everyone seems to be in love with Lady GaGa recently, and it’s not just for her music. Though she already has two consecutive number 1 hits, Just Dance and Poker Face, and is fast becoming the next pop princess, it is her eye-catching style that has made her a fashion muse.

Lady GaGa believes that the two come hand in hand. She confessed in a recent interview with MTV that as she is writing her music, she is also picturing what she’s going to wear onstage in her performances. “Fashion is everything … I want the imagery to be so strong that fans will want to eat and taste and lick every part of us.”

Hollywood is quickly taking notice and imitating Lady GaGa’s unique and quirky looks, inspiring celebs such as Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton.

Personally, I do like her music but her fashion sense doesn’t really appeal to my taste. She looks like a character who belongs on Star Trek or any other sci-fi show. She also insists on being pants-less most of the time so she is often making public appearances in what resembles underwear. I guess if you really set yourself apart from the others, you can almost guarantee that you can make it big in Hollywood.

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finally, a celebrity baby with a not-so-crazy name


Keith Urban and wife, Nicole Kidman are extremely happy with their one-month-old daughter which they named Sunday Rose.

Keith recently explained in an interview with US Magazine why they chose that name for her.

Urban says he and Kidman chose their daughter’s name because “we just love the name of the day. Particularly when you don’t have someone in your life. Sunday in my experience, Sunday was the loneliest day….the day I dreaded the most, ya’ know.

“Everyone goes with their families and if you don’t have a family, you don’t have anybody,” he goes on. “It went from being sort of the most dreaded day of the week for us to being the most joyous day because we just had a family.”

I just had to blog about this because I couldn’t agree more with what he had to say. It’s nice to see celebrities giving their kids unique names that have a meaning to them rather than just trying to create attention by giving their kids crazy names (such as Apple and Pilot Inspektor).

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Justin Timberlake committing career suicide?


Justin Timberlake recently announced that he was not planning to release a new album anytime soon and is instead, going to be taking a break.

“Right now, I like the idea that things can just kind of pop up and if they feel right I can do them,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “Committing to my own sort of project, that’s like, ‘Okay, let me black out two years of my life and do it.'”

In the meantime, he is busy taking on small music projects with various artists such as Ciara and T.I. He is also producing a show for MTV called The Phone which is supposed to be a reality thriller. Justin hopes to explore other interests in order to make him a well-rounded artist.

His announcement has come to the dissappointment of many of his fans and some wonder if backing out of the limelight for a while will put an end to his career. Although if he does not feel passionately about creating a new album, it probably won’t live up to his last one from 2006, FutureLove/SexSounds. However, I think the mini-projects that he is taking on right now will keep him afloat should he ever decide to make a comeback.

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Facebook getting too personal

I found another interesting article in the New York Times the other day titled, “Is Facebook Growing Up Too Fast?’ According to the article, Facebook is about to register its 200th million user, which has doubled in size in the past eight months. As Facebook expands, it is finding new ways to match up with the newest trends such as Twittering. This explains its new layout which posts a list of the most recent status updates of your friends in the daily feed.

As Facebook becomes the most prevalent social newtworking system, it poses a dilemma for many of its users. As more and more people join, many will soon find that they will be able to connect with their friends, parents, relatives, co-workers, old teachers or professors and perhaps even their boss in the same social network. As a result,  it will become harder for users to keep secrets and maintain separate social realms.

“Uniting disparate groups on a single Internet service runs counter to 50 years of research by sociologists into what is known as “homophily” — the tendency of individuals to associate only with like-minded people of similar age and ethnicity.”

I remember I was a senior in high school when Facebook first appeared and it started as a social networking site for college students only. Everyone knew that, as high school students, joining facebook was considered a rite of passage for moving on to the next phase of your life. I was able to find childhood friends that I had long lost contact with and it was nice to see what they were up to now. I even found a cousin that I haven’t seen in 10 years because he lives halfway around the world.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and you can imagine my surprise when I recieved a friend invitatation from my 11-year-old cousin and some aunts and uncles who I rarely see. I certainly did not want them to see my old pictures of me partying it up in college.  I am certain facebook is will be detrimental when I am applying for a job and my employers come across photos of my acting like a drunk idiot. I am probably going to delete my account once I graduate, because honestly, I don’t think I want to be THAT connected to everyone. Plus, I kind of miss my privacy.

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YouTube faces copyright issues

There was an interesting article that appeared in the New York Times on Monday called, “As Rights Clash on YouTube, Some Music Vanishes.” A dispute has arisen between YouTube, which is owned by Google, and Warner Music over copyright laws of its music videos. However, a spokesperson for Time Warner stated that “YouTube’s system for identifying copyrighted material does not distinguish between professionally made music videos and amateur material that may include copyrighted works.” As a result, thousands of videos that were homemade or produced by regular users that may have contained a song were removed.

The dispute goes back to December when Warner and Youtube failed to come to an agreement on a licensing deal that would allow Warner to be paid a cut of Youtube’s advertising revenue in exchange for use of its company’s music videos, which led to Warner removing videos from the site.

This would have a huge impact on Youtube, considering that six of its top 10 most popular videos are music videos and it relies heavily on advertising as a source of revenue. While some may argue that YouTube is made of user-generated content and that these users do not profit from it, others may respond that these videos are nevertheless being shown on YouTube, which is a moneymaking enterprise.

The underlying issue of this whole dispute, however, is the interpretation of copyright laws in the digital age. With the arrival of the internet, it has become easier than ever to take copyrighted material, such as a song, and reproduce it in a way to make it into your own unique product.

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