Justin Timberlake committing career suicide?


Justin Timberlake recently announced that he was not planning to release a new album anytime soon and is instead, going to be taking a break.

“Right now, I like the idea that things can just kind of pop up and if they feel right I can do them,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “Committing to my own sort of project, that’s like, ‘Okay, let me black out two years of my life and do it.'”

In the meantime, he is busy taking on small music projects with various artists such as Ciara and T.I. He is also producing a show for MTV called The Phone which is supposed to be a reality thriller. Justin hopes to explore other interests in order to make him a well-rounded artist.

His announcement has come to the dissappointment of many of his fans and some wonder if backing out of the limelight for a while will put an end to his career. Although if he does not feel passionately about creating a new album, it probably won’t live up to his last one from 2006, FutureLove/SexSounds. However, I think the mini-projects that he is taking on right now will keep him afloat should he ever decide to make a comeback.


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